The Most Romantic Castle Of West Bohemian-Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort
The Most Romantic Castle Of West Bohemian-Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Front
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Front2
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Front-Snow
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Hotel
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Sunset
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Indoor
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Chandelier
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Garden
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-The Gardens
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-The Lenend
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-The Piano
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Panorama
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Ceiling
Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Decoration

*Starting From € 119

Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort

In the heart of West Bohemia and the charming spa town of Marianske Lazne (Marienbad) with many thermal mineral springs is located one of the most beautiful fairytale castles hotels in the Czech Republic. It was built in 1903 and soon became a well known location, attracting elite people of the time, who combined their holidays with beneficial drinking of therapeutic mineral water.

The hotel took its name from the legend of Rübezahl, the mythical “Lord of the Mountains”, whose statue has been standing in its location, long before the hotel was built and you can still see it in the hotel’s park. The monument of Rübezahl was built in the 16th century by an anonymous sculptor.

Having occasionally hosted royalties such as the King of England Edward the 7th, Kaiser Franz-Ferdinand and Czar Nicholas II, as well as many other historical figures namely the poet and dramatist Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe; Fréderic Chopin, the pioneering Polish romantic composer; German composer Richard Wagner; the writer Franz Kafka; the founder of modern psychiatry Sigmund Freud; the British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill (on his honeymoon) and many other aristocrats, this hotel and the local area became synonymous with sophisticated traveling, fresh mountain & forest air, quality accommodation with tasty and healthy food, reaching its peak in the mid 20th century.

Its function was paused for a period of 25 years, during which the hotel was severely damaged, until it was acquired by its new owner, who assumed its full restoration, which was completed in 2014. Since 2015 Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Wellness Hotel reopened as a boutique luxury hotel. Embraced by a peaceful scenery and unspoiled nature, it promotes the ultimate balance of body and mind as a genuine rejuvenation paradise. Guests of Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Wellness Hotel discover in this luxurious resort the ultimate hideaway, an environment exemplar where they can combine vacations with wellness treatments, as well as detox and weight loss programs, special wellness services and counseling with dietitian. At the same time, the unique location of the hotel in one of the most beautiful regions of Bohemia, provides plenty of opportunities for local excursions and outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, horseback riding and golf.

Somewhere here, according to the legend surrounding the hotel, is also wandering the spirit of the legendary giant Rubezahl, who is believed to live underneath the earth’s crust, where his real dominion begins and stretches downward to the center of the earth. He is supposed to carry out hidden desires and wishes of those who express them to him. His statue, carved in a single piece of granite from an anonymous sculptor and located in the hotel park, relates the legend with reality. It is also believed that if a person follows the known ritual properly, they will soon see their wishes fulfilled. Thus, it is not a surprise that even these days the myth remains alive, as many of the hotel guests go around the statue 5 times and then touch the precious stone on the belt buckle of the statue of Rubezahl, while making their wishes. They then hope that the good “Lord of the Mountains” will make their wishes come true.


Special Offers

Hotel Information

  • Check in: 1.00 PM - Check out: 11.00 AM
  • Luxurious wellness & recreation resort
  • Events & conference halls
  • Ideal for wedding receptions
  • Totally renovated in 2014

Hotel Features

  • 43 luxurious uniquely decorated rooms & suites
  • Gourmet restaurant with a refined wine list
  • Café/bar with delightful drinks and desserts
  • Roman Bath, Detox & Weight loss programs
  • Free Private Parking


Rubezahl-Marienbad-Castle-Hotel-&-Wellness-Resort-Slidder4 Rubezahl-Marienbad-Castle-Hotel-&-Wellness-Resort-Slidder5 Rubezahl-Marienbad-Castle-Hotel-&-Wellness-Resort-Slider1 Double-Mezzanine-Bed-Rubezahl-Marienbad-Castle-Hotel-Wellness-Resort Double-Room-Bathroom-Rubezahl-Marienbad-Castle-Hotel-Wellness-Resort Rubezahl-Marienbad-Castle-Hotel-&-Wellness-Resort-Slidder3 Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Photos1 Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Photos2 Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-photos5 Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Photos6 Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Photos8 Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Photos9 Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Photos-WineCellar Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort-Photos-Rubezahl-Statue Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel - Wellness Resort- Tower



Our Executive Chef and his team prepare every evening the most refined dishes for the hotel’s guests. However, our doors are open to everyone who wishes to enjoy a special dinner with exquisite cuisine in a unique environment. You are invited to a gastronomic trip under the sounds of classical music while our sommelier will make sure that you savour the most appropriate local or international wine alongside your dinner. 

For those who follow the detox or weight-loss program, our chef prepares special dishes, in accordance with the dietitian, based on the guest's personal needs.

Meetings & Events

Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort offers premises and modern facilities suitable for all kinds of social events such as dinners, anniversaries, receptions and cocktail parties. Add luxury and a touch of magic to your special event and we will make sure all your guests have an unforgettable experience.

What is more, the conference hall of Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort hosts all kinds of corporate event such as business meetings, presentations and team-building activities. Besides the high quality food & beverage services and comfortable facilities, there is all the comfort and equipment needed to turn a corporate event into a complete success.


Rubezahl – Marienbad Castle Hotel & Wellness Resort is one of the most romantic castles of West Bohemian, which makes it an ideal place to host your wedding ceremony and reception. In its luxurious environment you can make your dreamy wedding come true.

  • The hotel can host up to 90 guests in 43 rooms and suites
  • The restaurant has a maximum capacity of 100 guests while the garden and the terrace have a capacity of 200 people.


Besides the weddings reception which will be executed in absolute perfection for your most special day, we offer a wide variety of services to facilitate the wedding ceremony and reception:

  • A personal wedding planner who undertakes all the procedures before and during the wedding
  • Translation of all necessary documents
  • Reservation of the church [Orthodox or Romeo catholic]
  • Transfer from the airport in a luxurious Mercedes E class 
  • Transfer to the church in a car with white horses
  • Wedding bouquet and groom's buttonhole
  • Wedding cake and a bottle of champagne
  • Photo session and recording of the wedding ceremony [2 videos are provided]
  • Beauty treatments [massage, manicure, pedicure and hairstyling of the bride and groom]