Welcome to Rubezahl Marienbad Luxury Historical Castle Hotel & Golf in Marianske Lazne

Rubezahl Marienbad Luxury Historical Castle Hotel & Golf is a luxury hotel located in the heart of West Bohemia in the charming spa town of Marianske Lazne (Marienbad) which has been for centuries famous for its many thermal mineral springs. The tradition of drinking mineral water can improve body metabolism.

The hotel is one of the most beautiful fairy tale romantic castle hotels in Czech Republic built in 1903 and was famous for attracting elite people of the time such as the King of England, Edward the 7th; Czar Nicholas II; as well as many other historical figures namely the poet and dramatist Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe; Fréderic Chopin; Richard Wagner who also created opera with the name of Rubezahl; Franz Kafka; Sigmund Freud and many other aristocrats.

Rubezahl Marienbad Luxury Historical Castle Hotel & Golf which has been completely restored to its former glory, reopened in 2015 with modern amenities and provides a romantic luxurious stay for its guests, who can enjoy the magical surrounding of the hotel and the healthy meals which the castle offers.

Guests of the hotel can enjoy different activities with their families or individually. There are plenty of opportunities for excursions and tours to the historical areas of the region and western Bohemia as well as outdoor activities such as cycling, walking in the forest surrounding the castle and exercising in our gym. At a walking distance, guests can also enjoy skiing, horseback riding but most important is the “Royal” golf which is the second biggest course in Europe and is located 800 meters from the hotel. Guests can walk or we can transfer them for free. They can also enjoy playing in the castle’s halls the traditional card game “Bridge” and smoking cigars. In the city there is also available casino to visit.

The location of the hotel is unique, sitting on top of the hill surrounded by the “Slavkovsky forest” with panoramic views of the town below. It embraces a peaceful scenery and unspoiled nature which promotes the ultimate balance of body & mind and rejuvenation of one’s spirit. Guests of the hotel discover, in this luxurious castle, the ultimate hideaway where they can enjoy good sleep and stress-free stay in this fresh environment, combining their vacation with wellness treatments. They can heal their body & soul by enjoying different wellness treatments including but not limited by different massages, fitness, drinking mineral water, and detox program through the Roman Bath.

One of the biggest attractions of the hotel is the statue of “Rubezahl” the legend of the mythical “Lord of the Mountains” where for at least 250 years people have been approaching for its assistance and protection. The statue of Rubezahl has been standing in the hotel’s park long before the hotel was built and the name of the hotel has been taken from the monument. His statue, carved in a single piece of granite from an anonymous sculptor.

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