Burnout Syndrome


If you feel exhausted much of the time, have no joy or interest in your life or experience physical symptoms such as a chest pain, shortness of breath, sleeplessness, or heart palpitations then you could have burnout syndrome.

In 1974, Herbert Freudenberger became the first researcher to publish a paper in a psychology-related journal that used the term “burnout” .After the publication of Freudenberger's original paper, interest in burnout syndrome grew.

Burnout is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion. It can occur when you experience longterm stress or disappointment in your life.

One of the best ways to recover from a burnout syndrome is to put yourself to an environment which can stimulate healing. To distance oneself away from troubles and emotionally exhausting routines to a place where one can unwind, relax, de-stress and heal both mind and body.

Rubezahl-Marienbad Luxury Historical Castle Hotel & Golf is the place for you. We can offer you an oasis of peace and relaxation surrounded by the famous area of enchanted Forest in West Bohemia where you can see the healing view. At Rubezahl-Marienbad Luxury Historical Castle hotel & Golf you can feel the power of nature which can detox both mind and soul!

It is known that Rubezahl-Marienbad Luxury Historical Castle Hotel & Golf was a destination for Royals who were coming to the hotel to receive different anti-stress treatments. One of them was King Edward VII and his doctor, Mr.Ott who were coming to the hotel to receive different anti-stress treatments.. The climate and environment of the area where the hotel is located is unique and clean for recharging one’s energy. Enjoy pure silence with no traffic or noise distracting you during your relaxation.

A unique combination of a luxurious stay, a fresh environment, high quality freshly made tasty meals , different outdoor physical activities and wellness treatments will bring your body and soul into balance again.

The Burnout syndrome program is fully structured and can be followed for at least one week.

Burnout syndrome program includes:
• Choosing from diet menu or all inclusive menu from the a la carte hotel’s menu
• Drinking mineral water which helps in digestion. You can choose to go to the center of the city to drink it or drink it in the hotel in a combination with walking in the hotel’s area.
• Walking in the hotel’s area surrounded by the “Slavkovsky forest” which offers fresh air
• Reasonable physical activities
• Roman Irish Bath (sauna ,hamam, jet pool, wet massage)
• Himalayan salt cave & salt sauna treatments to increase the levels of serotonin which are widely thought to positively impact on memory, insomnia and mood.
• Different massages for relaxation
• Detox treatments to clean your body from toxins

It’s very important to say that no medication are used in this program.
Clients can choose their stay between Rubezahl-Marienbad Luxury Historical Castle Hotel & Golf and our second hotel Vetrov castle hotel.

Cost :
Food: 40 Euro/day/person
Alcohol is not included
Treatments: 40 euro/day/person
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