of the Hotel

The castle-hotel "Rubezahl-Marienbad" was built in the early 20th century by one of the most famous Viennese architects, Arnold Heymann on top of a green hill, where according to legend, lived the “Lord of the Mountains” of the ancient Germans, the giant Rubezahl, who was worshiped by the natives of Silesia and Bohemia.

"Wrapped" in a veil of local legends and mystery, this fairytale castle originally only accepted royal family members, one of which was the king of England, Edward the 7th, who used to isolate himself in this luxurious haven to be detoxified by its passions. Soon, however, the hotel opened its doors to aristocracy and important personalities of the time, who chose it for their holidays combined with health and wellness treatments.

Τhe architectural design by the architect Arnold Heymann and supervised by master craftsman J. Koenig, planned the construction of the fairytale castle that would reflect the myth of the place. The myth was “Rubezahl” the mountain’s spirit, and in his honour a 3.5 m tall granite statue is still standing in the hotel's garden. The first floor of the building represents classical architectural elements, the second more gothic, towers, donjons, domes, and sculptures. Baroque decorative additions to the rooms and large windows in avant-garde style altogether compose a perfect architectural ensemble.

The first advertisement of the hotel, recorded in 1906, described the accommodation services and facilities: 40 elegant rooms and lounges, a games room, a library and a beauty center for women. According to the description of the form, all rooms enjoyed excellent views of the forest, the restaurant had a large terrace and a spacious breakfast room was located on the ground floor. Customers could play tennis or go for walks in the park and the forest trails.

Between the years of 1920-1991 the ownership of the hotel passed through several hands and administrations. The hotel was sold to a private individual in 1991, who neglected its renovation, although the building was classified as a historic building. Years passed leaving the castle unattended, until 2008, when time came for it to be discovered and regenerated by the current owner. Putting aside any financial and practical difficulties, he began a thorough renovation, applying new technologies to the historical castle. The 43 rooms regained their former glory, a wellness center, a Roman bath complex and a wine restaurant were added, and the hotel was able to reopen fully renovated. The renovation was completed in 2014, and since 2015 the Rubezahl-Marienbad Castle Wellness Hotel offers complete health and wellness services.
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