sensory treat

When you try it once you will defiantly want to try it again! Visit our unforgettable Roman-Irish Bath.

Discover the art of bathing! A combination of Roman and Irish bathing traditions that have been enjoyed here from the beginning of the 20th century, it is not only the baths that work wonders but even the decoration provides a relaxing treat for your body and soul.

Spoil yourself with the charm of Roman-Irish Bath and revel in an atmosphere that has, for so many visitors, been a magical source of inspiration.
A treatment to regenerate mind, body and soul.
Experience the refreshing Roman-Irish Bath. Guests enjoy themselves just like Emperors in Roman baths used to do in the old times. The changing temperatures, jet pool, and wet massage with soap and brush will activate the metabolism and enhance the immune system, while eliminating toxins, hydrating and restructuring (firmness and elasticity) of the skin. Treatments that guarantee a feeling of total relaxation. Even the famous American novelist, Mark Twain, described his experience of the Roman-Irish Bath in a letter to a friend:
You can lose track of time within 10 minutes and track of the world within 20 ...


It’s defiantly worth it! After this you will feel a whole new person!

A full session consists of 5 stages
(sauna / hammam / wet massage),
applied as follows:

  • Sauna 5', break in the shower.
  • Hammam 10', break in the shower.
  • Sauna 10', break in the shower.
  • Hammam 15', break in the shower.
  • Wet Massage with soap and brush for 10' and Jet pool break for 20'.
  • In the final stage, guests relax in a special room, enjoying tea and fruits.
  • The 1 ½ hour session costs 60,00 € / person,
    (including Wet Massage).

    The ½ hour session costs 30,00 € / person
    (Wet Massage not included).
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