Guests of Rubezahl Marienbad Luxury Historical Castle Hotel & Golf can ask for a personalized weight loss program from our certified physician. The program is designed upon individual measurements (weight, fat measurement, ECG, blood pressure), and individual therapeutic mineral water drinking requirements.

The weight loss program is fully structured and can be followed for a week. Upon request it could be extended to 14 days for better results. It combines a full course daily special diet meal plan included, detoxification treatments (3-4 treatments/per day) and a program for drinking mineral water, applied under the supervision of nutritionists.
Mineral waters of the region, which are rich in carbon dioxide, have proven beneficial health properties, and are well known -since the 16th century- for treating diseases of the gastrointestinal, digestive and urinary system, and for enhancing the metabolism. The therapeutic water drinking therapy includes drinking mineral water 2 to 3 times a day, on the advice of the supervising physician.
The list of treatments:
  • Sauna, Hammam, Wet Massage with brush and soap, Jet pool.

  • Sauna, Hammam, Wet Massage with honey and salt (salt on a hot body to absorb toxins and honey to smoothen the skin) and Jet pool.

  • Session in an ultrasound machine, for fat melting, body shape improvement, skin tightening, cellulite reduction and detoxification.

  • Session in the sauna device, which helps melt fat, improve body shape and detoxification.

  • Traditional body massage.

  • Relaxing massage.

  • Sauna, Hammam, Session for lymphatic drainage (swelling elimination, cellulite reduction, swollen legs treatment, elimination of toxins),Footbath (a detoxification device generates electric field in the water, causing detoxification from the 2000 pores of your legs (this improves organ function) and Jet pool.

  • Sauna blanket to promote weight loss and remove unwanted substances from the body, combined with either facial massage or relaxing masks or moisturizing creams with fragrances.

  • Sauna, Hammam, Manual lymphatic massage (for cellulite reduction and reduction of the circumference of thighs and legs, skin improvement, soothing and revitalizing, and body sculpting). Footbath (a detoxification device generates electric field in the water causing detoxification from the 2000 pores of your legs (this improves organ function) and Jet pool.

  • Daily physical activity (weather permitting): 40 minutes of exercise or walking on hiking trails in the nearby forest, and sports: skiing in the nearby ski resort or biking with 2 or 3 wheels (depending on individual physical condition).

  • Note: After completing the program, the participants check the achieved results with one follow-up visit to the consultant.
    Program will start on September 2017.
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